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Bekah Finch Turner is a Registered/Certified Yoga Teacher, Shamanic healer and Ordained Minister. She works passionately at combining the amazing powers of Yoga & Earth Medicine, along with other shamanic tools to create a healing space.






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Current Lunar Cycle

The new moon is a time of new beginnings and setting intentions. The full moon is when we check in with our progress, shine and look for illumination in the moon light. Email Bekah for monthly New Moon Women's Gathering info.

Full Moon in Capricorn:  Go climb a mountain! Literally. Cardinal earth energy is about initiating the physical change you want to see in the year to come. Feel your feet on the earth and the effort of climbing to a goal. Time for structure, planning, organizing and getting a good pair of hiking shoes.





Seasonal Shifts

Solstice has passed and we are slowly trekking towards Winter as the light wanes. Stay in gratitude through the continuing warmth and focus on the seeds you will be harvesting as fall equinox approaches

(see Calendar page for upcoming Equinox/Solstice celebration!)





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